Sunday, 1 June 2014

Time Off & Writing

My new novel was progressing too slowly so I stopped posting for a little while in order to catch up with my schedule. I also took time off to take my daughter's children out during half-term. On Thursday we went to the local museum, which the three of them enjoyed; and I was fascinated by flotsam woven into brightly coloured threads. The artist collects small items from beaches - lobster pot tags,  tiny toys, bottle tops and many other items. Afterwards we had lunch at Café Cha Cha Cha in Cassiobury Park. Next the boys played football and their sister played on the slide etc., in the playground. Tired but happy we went home to have dinner.

On Friday, we visited Butterfly World near St Albans. There are three glasshouses one for butterflies, one for insects and a another for leaf-cutter ants. In the third, one display cabinet was empty. It is thought  ants chewed through the electric cable and the queen, the size of a small mouse, died. The colony was thrown into chaos and most of them died. However there was a second display case and my four and a half year-old granddaughter was fascinated. After a picnic lunch they played in a large children's area before we visited a series of small gardens with different themes. All in all a very enjoyable day out.

Yesterday we celebrated another grandson's forthcoming thirteenth birthday. A very happy get together in my younger son and his wife's house with a large garden where the children could run around.

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