Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cassiobury The Ancient Seat of the Earls of Essex

On Monday evening, at Café Cha Cha, in Cassiobury Park, I attended an interesting talk by Paul Rabbits, Head of Parks and Open Spaces for Watford Borough Council and Sarah Kerenza Priestly, Heritage and Arts Manager of Watford Museum.

The subject of the talk was Cassiobury, The Ancient Seat of the Earls of Essex.

"In 1916 the 7th Earl of Essex, aged only fifty-eight, died after being run down by a taxi. Six years later, his widow and his heir, the 8th Earl, put the house and the park up for sale."

Today, Cassiobury Park, is a 300 hectare site twice the size of Hyde Park. It is much loved by local people.

I have been considering setting a novel in or around Cassiobury House for a long time, so I was delighted by the talk, and am looking forward to reading Peter Rabbits and Sarah Kerenza Priestley's beautifully illustrated book Cassiobury The Ancient Seat of the Earls of Essex published by Amberley Publishing,

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