Friday, 26 December 2014

My happy Christmas

I enjoyed Christmas Day. I stayed at my daughter's house and woke up in time to see my five year-old granddaughter's excitement when she realised Santa had left her presents in her Santa sack. "Oh!" she exclaimed when she saw each gift, "I've always wanted that." Her older brothers who no longer believe in Father Christmas were equally pleased with their presents. The three of them were thrilled when they opened all the presents stacked under the Christmas tree and my granddaughter continued to say: "That's what I've always wanted!" After breakfast I visited my twin sons and daughters-in-law and their children. As I handed out gifts I felt like Mother Christmas. The children were so pleased with everything that I enjoyed giving more than I enjoyed receiving my presents. I had lunch at my daughter's house with her family and my bachelor son, spent the afternoon with them and then, at the grandchildren's request. I'll have lunch with them and then we'll go to my youngest son's house to celebrate his daughter's birthday. However, this is the first time since Christmas Eve, on which the whole family ate pizzas at lunchtime and then went to see Night at the Museum, which I consider Movie Trash but the children liked, that I've been able to sneak some time on the laptop. I hoped to conclude my Christmas poems with ''Twas in the Bleak Midwinter', by Christina Rossetti but didn't have the chance,

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