Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Raised Bed

Cold wind and even snow was forecast, unless I misunderstood and it did not apply to S. E. England. Anyway, I expected bad weather so, on Monday, I did the week's shopping and on Tuesday tidied the house instead of getting on in the garden. Today, I sowed sowed seeds in an 8ft by 4ft raised bed. Row 1 cut and come again lettuce  leaves. Row 2 mixed  parsnip and radish seeds. The radishes will mark where the parsnips are and crop when the parsnips have sprouted. Row 3. Quick growing baby carrots. Row 4. Turnips. Row 5. Choggia, a red and white striped beetroot. There is room for a 6th row in which I will plant more cut and come again baby.

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