Friday, 29 May 2015

Half Term and Bank Holiday

During half term and the bank holiday weekend, I've continued to write and deal with 'writerly' matters and keep up with mundane chores, cleaning, tidying the house, shopping etc. I've also enjoyed time with my grandchildren.

On Bank Holiday Monday, my daughter's children stayed for the night at my house. In the morning, I made a packed lunch and we went to Cassiobury Park. My granddaughter played on the swings slide etc., in the playground while the boys played football. After lunch my granddaughter played football with the boys. Before we went home I had a latte and the children had ice creams.

 On Tuesday I looked after the children while my daughter had an appointment. The younger two and I played snakes and ladders and Rummy Cub. Granddaughter has learned to cheat so she won't have to go down the snakes. Lots of fun and laughter!

 On Wednesday we went to the Aqua Pool in Aylesbury. There's a whirlpool that sweeps swimmers around an artificial island, an outdoor swimming pool, indoor pools suitable for everyone from toddlers to adults, jacuzzis around the pools and flumes. My five year-old granddaughter hurtles down them with her Mum behind her. She's very confident. All of us enjoyed the visit and our picnic lunch in the café which we enjoyed with an addition of potato wedges followed by treats for the children.

 Tomorrow, weather permitting I shall work in the garden, if not I shall cook and freeze some meals. The children will stay with me for the night. If the weather is good we shall have a picnic at Rickmansworth Aquadrome on Sunday morning. After a walk around the lake with granddaughter using her scooter, we will have our picnic and then enjoy drinks and treats in the café.


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