Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Blood Test and Apricot Tree

Mixed day today. The worst thing was a blood test. My veins object to parting with blood so my doctor uses a butterfly needle which was invented for premature babies. Afterwards I had a decaffeinated latte with my daughter before going to Homebase. The local branch is closing down so everything is on sale. I treated myself to a self-fertile apricot tree which will take 2 years to fruit. Pleased with the bargain I lunched with friends, had a natter and then went to the library. I put my feet up in the afternoon and am now child minding my daughters' children. The youngest, my five year-old granddaughter is playing on the wee with a loud running commentary and her brothers are playing on the wi fi. Mind you, their mother limits the amount of time they may spend on these devices. On reflection not a bad day in spite of the dreaded blood test before which I wrote my self-imposed number of words.

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