Thursday, 15 May 2014

Massage and Runner Beans

My runner bean plants survived a night out of the greenhouse. So, on this sunny day I transplanted them and also potted up my sweet potato plants.

This afternoon I went for a full body massage. It was very intense, and I swear there's not a bit of my body that does not hurt a lot when touched. The masseur thinks I need fiver treatments before the massages will become more enjoyable. I shall persevere. So far, this week's reaction is not as bad as last week's.

I had dinner with my daughter and grandchildren. Afterward, when I reached home and went out into the garden to examine my runner beans I noticed some of them look very unhappy. After all the trouble I've gone to, not to mention forking out for an expensive packet of self fertile seeds, I hope they will perk up.

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