Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nor a Bowl of Cherries

Two weeks ago my car broke down.
The AA mechanic said it needed a new starter motor and said: “Don’t turn off the ignition and take it to a garage.” I replied that it was Sunday and the garages were closed so I would prefer to take the car home and, if it would not start on Monday, ask the AA to relay it to a garage.
The mechanic instructed me to take it to Quick Fit. He told me that the AA would not take the car to a garage on the following day because I could not call on them for a problem which had already been dealt with by him. Pressurised and vulnerable I took the car to QF.
From then on there as a long saga at the end of which the starter motor had been replaced after which a new ignition (coil?) was needed. After the coil had been fitted the sensor (?) did not recognise it.
Fortunately, I have AA repair cover so I will be reimbursed for the above repairs which add up to £461. However, the car had to be taken to Mercedes-Benz. When I first approached the AA I was refused a relay. I then queried it and, finally, after ‘your call is important to us…etc., explained the tale of the breakdown and my need for the car to be relayed. Thank goodness the relay was authorised.
I will have to pay Mercedes £120 for looking at the car and further repairs, if the car can be repaired.
Deep, deep sigh, heaven only knows if or when I will get my car back.

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