Sunday, 10 August 2014

Not a Bowl of Cherries

When I returned from holiday accompanied by the virus my car would not start. I phoned the AA for help. The mechanic replaced the battery. Today, feeling a lot better I popped up to the local Allotment Society to get some tomato feed. When I returned to the car it would not start. I called the AA again. The diagnosis is faulty starter motor is. Matters turned into a nightmare. The mechanic told me that if I turned off the engine the car would not start again and I must take it to a garage to be repaired. If I didn't and the car would not start again I would not be entitled to the AA Relay service, which would mean paying a proverbial arm an a leg to have it towed. (I am going to query this with the AA when the office opens tomorrow.) Well! It's Sunday. My only option was to take it to Quickfit. Their mechanic would have to confirm the diagnosis and the mechanic will not be available until Friday or later. By then the virus was kicking in. My daughter collected me and took me home. I phoned a mechanic. He said that if it is the starter motor the whole engine would have to come out in order to replace it so it might not be worth repairing the car. Oh dear, oh dear, last time my car had to be scrapped it took ages to find another one  second hand one. The loss of freedom to go out whenever I wanted to was very depressing and I can't stand the thought of going through it again.

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