Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Organic Garden in Autumn

September 3rd, autumn is here in S. East England although the weather is mild the leaves are beginning to change colour.

As a vegetarian (I don't eat meat, fish or eggs) my ambition is to be as self-sufficient as possible throughout the year. At the moment, my curly kale and black kale, cabbages, chard, New Zealand spinach and lots of herbs are flourishing in my organic garden and will last until spring. Under cover there are cherry tomatoes and three other varieties ripening including a delicious grafted one called Indigo Rose, as well as cucumbers. And there are other vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, white radish aka mooli aka daikon, small radishes and much more.

This morning I planted out spring greens, aka collards, and covered them with netting to keep off the pigeons, which would strip the leaves bare. I will also plant out purple sprouting broccoli to enjoy in the spring. In the meantime I shall grow winter salads in the greenhouse and move the tender herbs into it.

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